Mailbox Monday

Local Little Library Finds

I visited my local little library this week and managed to find these great additions to my bookcase. All of the books are in immaculate condition as well.

I spotted the copy of The Librarian of Auschwitz straight away and just had to grab it. This book has been on my Amazon wish list for weeks. I have planned to do a ‘Auschwitz August’ themed reading month, so this book has gone on my August TBR.

The next book I picked up was Sully. I have watched the movie a few times and enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to reading the book.

The last two books I picked up as the covers caught my attention, not my normal reads but will give them ago.

Bookstagram RAKs

The next books added to my TBR pile this week I received through the random acts of kindness post on Instagram. I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers each week. I received a copy of The Wind in the Willows and The Secret Garden. I am trying to collect and read more classic books, and these have been on my amazon wish list for a few weeks. I loved watching both films as a child, so looking forward to giving these a read.

I really don’t need anymore additions to my TBR pile but I can’t help a good freebie or bargain. My amazon wish list is full of books I can’t wait to own.

What do you add to your TBR pile this week?


  1. I really liked The Librarian of Auschwitz. Gives a different view of the camps in Auschwitz putting the horror to the side but not totally ignoring it.


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